Made to measure products

Mechanical stoppers in stainless steel wire or soft galvanised steel
Several types in polypropylene Imitation porcelain (Heavyplopp®) and porcelain are available.
A wide range of prints and colour options for the head and the washer.
Stoppers for glass jars, PET and metal boxes
Option of treating mounts with gilt or coloured varnish
PET bottle with mechanical stoppers
Available in 0.5 L- 1 L - and 1.5 L
Stoppers and seals for Siphons
Clip system
mechanical stopper adaptable to bottles without an open washer
Clip system
for aluminium bottles
Handles for standard and Magnum bottles
All of our handles are offered grease free
Types of seal
We can offer you numerous types of seals for all your corking needs